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Drippin Curvez

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May 23, 2019

Hey Drip Queenz guess whos bizaackk! We have lituation this week w| some of my favs Taz & Laymar to sit in with me. It's always a bunch of fun when we link. Today's guest is Brittany, a drip queen that has an organization called Bruised Not Broken which empowers women in various positive ways from Back to School events, assisting w| bills or life events you can't control, helping women get their lives back on track. The best thing about this is it's funded strictly by her, no help or government funding. Love to meet people with good hearts. Somehow we went into Drippin Curvez church.. check us out #DripOfTheWeek goes to @oranicuhh plus size model, rapper and newest plus size ambassador for Calvin Klein. Want to be featured dm us @drippincurveezpodcast

Brittany @brittanysolovely |FB: Bruised Not Broken

Taz @tazbailey_|Laymar @iamlaymar |Angelice @blessmycurvez._